Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Journey Begins.....

On Sunday June 20th, Sarah came home from work in intense pain.  She had been in physical therapy for a "snowboarding injury" earlier in the season.  The pain had continued to increase in intensity and she reached her breaking point on this night.  For anyone who knows Sarah, for her to cry over pain was a huge deal.  She rivals Supermain in her in-human strength.  After begging her to go to the ER and her getting very angry she collapsed and spent yet another sleepless night from the pain in her hip and lower back.  The next morning she saw yet another doctor who reassured her it was from her injury earlier in the fall.  Monday night Dan and Candace had a long talk with her about her health and how she needed to take her diagnosis into her own hands.  Although Sarah believed that there was more to the injury than had been diagnosed she was not convinced. 

On Tuesday June 22nd, something in Sarah decided to take her care into her own hands and ordered an MRI.  The early result of the MRI was that she had a bone Cyst.  When Sarah came home from work her and I (Candace) did tons of research on the type of Cyst it was and we were coinvinced she was going to have a surgery and be fixed.  We were even excited that we might finally get the Jazzy we had so desperatly wanted.  The doctor advised her to get a CT scan to confirm the results of the MRI.  As Sarah and I were contemplating when she was going to get the CT done, and how she could fit it in her tight schedule that week, the phone wrang and a co-worker asked if he could pick up some extra shifts for Sarah.  We know that God had a hand in this, because Sarah could now get the CT she so desperatly needed.

On Wednesday June 23rd, Sarah went to the Hospital on her way to the pool to get a routine CT, to confirm what we already knew.  At this moment, her life, and all lthe ifes around her were changed forever.  The CT resulted in multiple masses in multiple areas. The "Cyst" was actually a large Tumor in her Sacrum that was seperating her hips and causing the immense pain, she also had a large mass in her Liver, and several masses in her Lungs, and it appeared that it had invaded the lymphnodes as well.  She had Cancer.

Sarah immediatly told her family and close friends that she had been diagnosed with cancer.  Her brother Jimmy, and sisters Jaime and Becky  (in true Hays fashion) immediatley descended upon Sarah to bring her that support she needed. 

Friday June 25th Sarah had a Biopsy and the blood work would begin.  She is determined to beat this and started the process immediately to find out what she was up against.  The next several days were spent with close family and friends, and Sarah pulling the "Cancer Card."  It was like she had waited her whole life to make these jokes.

On Tuesday June 29th six days from her original diagnosis at 9 am Sarah, her Brother Jimmy, and boyfriend Dan, and a few close friends reported to her "Tumor Board."  This is where her battery of doctors where to give us their final diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.  The Diagnosis is Clear Cell Adeno-Carcinoma with an Unknown Primary.  This is a cancer that is typically found in the Kidneys, but in Sarahs case, her Kidneys were not affected, so the source of the cancer is un-known. Because the source is un-known, it makes it really hard to fight.  Because of the vastness of her tumors and the rapid growth the prognosis is un-curable, but this is not slowing Sarah down, she is committed to her treatment, and any alternative treatment that may work for her. 

Sarah's Plan of treament is to immediately begin radiation to help reduce the size of the mass in her sacrum and thus relieve some of the pain she is having.  After two weeks of Radiation she will then begin her Chemo treatment.  Today she went in for her Radiation simulation and to get mapped for her treatment.  The treament begins tomorrow, and although she is nervous, she is looking forward to having some of her pain relieved. 

Please keep her in your prayers and please call us with any questions.  Sarah is happy that you are all on this journey with her, and she couldnt do it without all your prayers and concerns.

Through all this Sarah has been very strong and positive.  She needs your love and support and looks forward daily to the tremendous outpouring she has received.

Thank You for your love and support

Based on all the love and support and concerns of Sarahs friends, we have decided to start a blog to catalog this journey, and keep everyone updated on the status of Sarah's treatment and progress.  First of all, Sarah would like to thank each and everyone of you for all your love and support.  The phone calls, texts, emails, and cards have been received with love.  Although she may not have returned your call, card, text or e-mail please be assured that it has been appreciated. Sarah's spirits are high, and she is doing great.  She is determined to beat the odds, and win the battle and the war, and she couldn't do it without all the prayers and love of eveyone around her.  Sometimes, this love and concern has been a bit overwhelming.  There have been days when the visits have resulted in hours of back to back visits with multiple calls in between and although Sarah loves the attention, we feel like she is in need of more rest.  Out of respect for her well being and rest if you would like to stop by and give Sarah your love, please call Jimmy, Dan or Candace, and make sure that the timing is good.  If you have questions about her progress, treatment, or diagnosis, please call anyone in her family......Lou, Jaime, Phil, Jimmy, or Becky, or you can call Dan or Candace.  There are no secrets on this journey and anyone would love to answer any questions you might have, but sometimes these questions and situations are hard for Sarah to answer.  Thank you so much for your love and support, and stay tuned for more information on how the journey is progressing.......And keep Sarah in your prayers!!!!!!