Friday, August 20, 2010

Is It Working......??????

Hey everybody, sorry for such a long lapse in posts.  There has been a lot that has happened.  Some good, and some not so good, but alas here we are 52 days after the Tumor Board and so much has happened.  There have been many tears, laughs, long nights, lazy days, chaotic days and moments of solitude, and through it all Sarah has remained the optimistic positive person you all know her to be.  When I find myself alone and crying about everything that has changed in the last couple of months I think of Sarah's smile and I know she would want me to I do.  For those of you that know Sarah you know that the first thing you will notice about her is her smile (that is if you dont catch a glimpse of her calfs).  If you dont know Sarah, her is a glimpse of what you are missing.

The one thing Sarah and I have been talking about lately is how great of support we have seen from her friends and family.  This picture was taken last Sunday at a charity dinner our friend Kristen put together.  It was so great to see sooo many friends (old and new)..and even some strangers at the event all in support of Sarah.  When she got to the event she said to Dan I thought we were supposed to have the entire restaurant....she didn't realize all the strangers were actually there in support of her.  These are the little things that are helping Sarah fight her battle everyday.  Knowing that people you dont know, and you have never met, actually care about you is enough to get you out of bed when you are feeling so nauseous you don't think you are going to survive.  These are the blessing we are blessed with everyday......All your love....thank you....

This last week, Sarah made the adventure to our church Temple.  We had planned the event on several other occasions, but never actually made it there for several reasons.  The night before we went, Sarah, Lisa, and I went to the Temple store with her to get all her stuff.  Sarah was pretty overwhelmed and just sat in the chair and let me run the show.  I was totally happy to have some control in my life.  The next day we went to the temple in the morning with Me, sarah, her dad Lew, the bishop his wife and Lisa, and Egan.  It was a very emotional momment for all, and Sarah is glad she has made this progression in her life.  It has given her a new perspective, and comfort.  The best part of the whole day was when we were at Cafe Rio and some lady told Sarah she "loved her haircut."  She asked if Sarah was visiting from New York, because she looked so cutting edge.....we all almost died laughing.....Sarah had to explain it was actually the cancer that had taken her hair, not style.

Today Sarah was filmed by Fox News for a segment that they did in the 10pm news (you can catch it online if you didnt see it live).  Sarah kind of felt like a reality star filming her own E True Hollywood story.  She has been acting like a diva all day.....(lets face it I would to).  They wanted to go with Sarah while she was getting the results of whether or not her Chemo was working.  There really isn't an easy yes or no answer to this question.  The early news today was looked like the chemo was working and Sarah was ecstatic, and then....we got the formal report.  Basically several of the large masses have shrunk, but several other have not and some have gotten bigger.  Sarah meets with her oncolosgist on Tuesday for the final prognosis on this and her next chemo treatment.  So.....keep her in your prayers, and stay positive for her.

The segment was to promote the upcoming 5K our friends have been putting together.   The run is next Saturday August 28th at 7am.  The run actually goes right past our house so Sarah can cheer everyone on.  Please register online to support Sarah and run for her while she cannot run for herself.