Wednesday, July 7, 2010 a good way!!!!!

Hey everybody, sorry it has been such a longtime since we updated you on Sarah's progress, but it has been cu-razy here int he Hatfield/Hays abode.  Yes you heard me right the Hays have invaded and are camping out all around us, and we L-O-V-E every minute of is a quick re-cap of how it has been going and what cute Sarah girl has been up too.

Saturday--- Saturday started of fantastically.  Sarah felt good and so we (Sarah, Jimmy, Dan, Jen and I)started out the day going to breakfast.  We headed up the canyon to Ruths diner, and when we found out the wait was an hour, Sarahs ambition started wearing thin.  We ended up going to the Sun and Moon Cafe and had a great breakfast on the patio.  When we got back from breakfast Sarah felt ambitious again, so we headed to the pool with tons of Sunblock).  She even succuesfully swam several laps.  When we got home, she was wiped out and needed some rest.  Saturday night Sarah's Mom, Aunt Debbie, and Cousin Anita arrived for a couple of days to give Sarah their love.  We had planned on going to the Fireworks on Saturday night, but the days activites were enough for sarah and she crashed for the day at about 8 pm.

Sunday--- Started off at about 1pm when Sarah attended her church.  The Ward had been fasting for her for 24 hours, and we had a fantastic sunday service that ended in an awesome prayer dedicated to sarah.  This was a beautiful service, and the spirit was strong.  We came home to fantastic surprise that the much anticipated arrival of Jaime was upon us (aleast Jaime thought it was much anticipated)....JK Jaime we are all happy you came and are still here. 

Monday---  No work for me....I was able to spend another quality day with Sarah before I had to head back to work.  Sarah had been very active for a few days, and was wiped out.  She spent most of the day resting and sleeping.  Jaime, Jimmy, and I sanded and stained my outside furniture while sarah slumbered.  (I knew I loved having those Hays visit).  On Monday night Phil and Chantel and their family arrived, and thus has begun the week of the Hays......we miss you Becky!!!

Tuesday and Wednesday have been very uneventful, except that today was the first day Sarah noticed a marked improvement on her pain.  This means the radiation is working, and Sarah and us could not be happier about this.  I know everyone around her will agree, watching someone as cheerful and happy as Sarah be in pain is so hard.  I wish I could take the pain away from her everyday.

Sorry we havent updated in a few days, but things have been very chaotic (but in a good way). 

Stay tuned for updates in the next few days.


  1. Great update... Thanks Candace. It sounds like a fun weekend and holiday. And what a party with all those people staying at the house. As soon as you guys feel like you need a couple days off... come out here for a visit! Love you both!

  2. :( I wish i was up there!!!.. i'll be there only in a few short weeks... miss you all too!!! I'm so happy radiation is working.. love you Sarah..

  3. ps.. Tell Phil he needs a tan ;)

  4. Thanks for the update Candace. Can't wait to get back and come visit. much love. -egan

  5. Thanks for the updates! Sarah...Cancer CANNOT kill friendship!!