Friday, July 2, 2010

The Simple Things In Life.....

Hey everyone, it's me, Sarah.  I'm feeling extra good tonight so I thought I would take a minute and thank everyone for all their love and support!  It's almost hard to be sick when you have so many people cheering you on and praying for you.  Unfortunately, it's possible and until about 1 pm today, I was feeling as sick as I've ever been.  But 1 IV later and a change in my meds and I felt like a new woman! Thank goodness for medical practioners and a friend and brother that takes time out of their day to sit with you and hold your hand through it all.

Today my good friend Sandy came by just to clean our house and water our plants, it was very touching and made me want to be a better friend to others around me.  It's really the simple things in life that mean the most. 


  1. You were the best visiting teacher I ever had, Sarah. For real. I haven't been visited since you moved! LOVE YOU!

  2. I'm so glad you are feeling better tonight. Love ya tons. I'm thinking about you all the time....

  3. I love you sis! One more day.

  4. Hey sarah. cass told me about what was going on. i am so sorry you are in this situation but so glad you have so many great friends and family around. and glad you got some relief from the sick feeling. just wanted to let you know if the houston thing works out we live here and you are more than welcome to come stay at our house for as long as you need, and any of your family that needs to also. your in our prayers. keep up the fight. your doing awesome and are a great example of faith and a positive attitude. -jess, cassies cousin

  5. Hey Sarah,

    I don't even know if you remember me. I was in your SLC University 33rd ward. You sat by me in Sunday school and later in our meetings you quickly scratched your name and number down and invited my roommates and myself to a cupcake party you were having later that week. I remember leaving that day thinking "this Sarah girl is one cool chick". It IS all about the simple things in life. You don't know how much your kindness to me that Sunday meant. I will keep you in my prayers. Best of luck...and kick this cancer in the butt!

    Love you,
    Nettie Martin