Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey everybody, Sarah started her Chemo today and she feels like a million bucks.  She went to her second to last radiation appointment today, and then went directly upstairs to start her first round of Chemo.  She was assigned Nurse Stefanie, and we l-o-v-e-d her.  She was super chill and Sarah liked her a lot.  She even asked her if she could do all her treaments.  I dont think she will get quite that lucky, but we have had such a great experience with everyone at the office, that I am sure she will be happy with anyone who is assigned to us. 

Sarah was at her Chemo treatment for about 5 hours today.  Treatment was pretty uneventful except that Kendra surprised us (Me, Jimmy, & Dan) at lunch with Paradise sandwiches.  She had come from our house which she had been cleaning...ahhhhhhhhhhhh.  Sarah and I were so happy to come home to a PRE-Cancer house.  With all the visitors and the chaos we haven't been able to really deep clean, so it was really nice to have our house cleaned.....we love you KK.  Sarah was armed with magazines, her computer, and tons of movies, but we ended up just chating and hanging out.

After Chemo we came home and where hanging out and our Meals on Wheels (our churches dinner program) brought over Cafe Rio.....Yum Yum.......thanks Wayne and Jason. We just hung out all night and enjoyed Sarahs company.  She has been in great spirits this week, and her nausea has been almost non-existent, so she has been wanting to go go it was good to just chill and hang out and enjoy each others company.

Sarah has a two day Chemo treatment that will run for 48 hours, and on Friday she will go back to have her pump removed.  She is digging her fanny pack, and keeps looking for things to put in it.......ohhhh great.  Atleast I wont have to hold her chapstick anymore.

Dan V. stopped by tonight for a visit and he brought Sarah a Frosty, and alas the first side effect of the Chemo appeared.  She was unable to eat the frosty, because the cold temperature made her feel like she was we have removed all the drinks from the refrigerator so she wont have to touch or drink anything cold. 

As a flash from the past I included a pre-cancer pic.  For several weeks before the diagnosis that rocked our world this is how I found Sarah on most occasions......she would be laying on the ground cruising facebook...or...., JK, with an ice pack (or bag of frozen fruit) and Tito laying right next to her with an occassional lick of the ice pack.  Tito still prefers to sit next to Sarah and can be found licking her with little doggie kisses.....gross.....I know.....I just barfed in my mouth too.......

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Pump.....

Hi again friends and fam!  So I had a PET CT scan today and they discovered some additional findings that we hope may lead to discovering the primary site of cancer.  However we're not sure this will ever happen but it's somewhat more hopeful!  My pain is decreasing and my doctor and I hope Chemo will help as well.  I start Chemo this Wed, I'm nervous to get a pump placed under my skin, the thought just makes me quiver.  I just keep reminding my-self that I'm not the first to get "the pump" placed. 

I've found my-self becoming more spirtual everyday, something about getting diagnosed with stage 4 cancer really draws you closer to the lord. ;)  I'm planning to take out my endowments through the LDS temple soon, I'm excited!
So a lot of people have donated money to my facebook WellsFargo bank account!  I can't even believe how many people have actually posted money, I'm so touched!  I have received both small and large donations, and every donation touches me... so I thank you!  If there's any chance you could send me a text or e-mail letting me know your name, I would very much love to thank you personally.  The money will really help pay my medical bills.  I hope you are all well... and wish you good health.  Sleep tight and tell your family you love them. 

Love you!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 a good way!!!!!

Hey everybody, sorry it has been such a longtime since we updated you on Sarah's progress, but it has been cu-razy here int he Hatfield/Hays abode.  Yes you heard me right the Hays have invaded and are camping out all around us, and we L-O-V-E every minute of is a quick re-cap of how it has been going and what cute Sarah girl has been up too.

Saturday--- Saturday started of fantastically.  Sarah felt good and so we (Sarah, Jimmy, Dan, Jen and I)started out the day going to breakfast.  We headed up the canyon to Ruths diner, and when we found out the wait was an hour, Sarahs ambition started wearing thin.  We ended up going to the Sun and Moon Cafe and had a great breakfast on the patio.  When we got back from breakfast Sarah felt ambitious again, so we headed to the pool with tons of Sunblock).  She even succuesfully swam several laps.  When we got home, she was wiped out and needed some rest.  Saturday night Sarah's Mom, Aunt Debbie, and Cousin Anita arrived for a couple of days to give Sarah their love.  We had planned on going to the Fireworks on Saturday night, but the days activites were enough for sarah and she crashed for the day at about 8 pm.

Sunday--- Started off at about 1pm when Sarah attended her church.  The Ward had been fasting for her for 24 hours, and we had a fantastic sunday service that ended in an awesome prayer dedicated to sarah.  This was a beautiful service, and the spirit was strong.  We came home to fantastic surprise that the much anticipated arrival of Jaime was upon us (aleast Jaime thought it was much anticipated)....JK Jaime we are all happy you came and are still here. 

Monday---  No work for me....I was able to spend another quality day with Sarah before I had to head back to work.  Sarah had been very active for a few days, and was wiped out.  She spent most of the day resting and sleeping.  Jaime, Jimmy, and I sanded and stained my outside furniture while sarah slumbered.  (I knew I loved having those Hays visit).  On Monday night Phil and Chantel and their family arrived, and thus has begun the week of the Hays......we miss you Becky!!!

Tuesday and Wednesday have been very uneventful, except that today was the first day Sarah noticed a marked improvement on her pain.  This means the radiation is working, and Sarah and us could not be happier about this.  I know everyone around her will agree, watching someone as cheerful and happy as Sarah be in pain is so hard.  I wish I could take the pain away from her everyday.

Sorry we havent updated in a few days, but things have been very chaotic (but in a good way). 

Stay tuned for updates in the next few days.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Simple Things In Life.....

Hey everyone, it's me, Sarah.  I'm feeling extra good tonight so I thought I would take a minute and thank everyone for all their love and support!  It's almost hard to be sick when you have so many people cheering you on and praying for you.  Unfortunately, it's possible and until about 1 pm today, I was feeling as sick as I've ever been.  But 1 IV later and a change in my meds and I felt like a new woman! Thank goodness for medical practioners and a friend and brother that takes time out of their day to sit with you and hold your hand through it all.

Today my good friend Sandy came by just to clean our house and water our plants, it was very touching and made me want to be a better friend to others around me.  It's really the simple things in life that mean the most. 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A series of In......spirations..........

The one question I keep getting is, "What stage is Sarahs Cancer".  Although I know there is importance in this question and answer I believe that the stage of Sarah's Cancer is irrelevant and she can beat this no matter what stage, but the answer is.......Stage 4.

Through this entire journey there have been a series on interuptions/or shall I say inspirations that have brought us to where we are today.  Sarah has asked me to share these stories of inspiration with you.

The first and most significant inspiration of events happened on Monday June 21st.  I mentioned earlier that Sarah and Dan and I had a discussion about taking her health into her own hands. While we were having this discussion I was inspired to tell Sarah the story about my niece Beatrice.  Bebe was sick for about 3 months and was continuing to decline in her health daily.  After being told for the seventh time she had the flu, my sister in law Liz had had enough.  She demanded they find out what was wrong with Bebe.  The PA she was seeing had the Doctor come in and see her, after taking one look at Bebe, the doctor immediately sent her to The Primary Childrens Hospital.  Within hours she was in surgery and the surgeon told my brother and sister she was hours away from death.  I dont know why I told Sara this story, I certainly did not think Sarah was close to death, but I told her the story because I was inspired to.  This was the reason she got her MRI, something inside her sparked and may have saved her life. 

Another story of inspiration comes from her brother Jimmy.  Several years ago he did auto service for a guy who moved to Houston, TX.  For some reason, of all the hundreds of customers he has ever had he kept in contact with THIS guy.  Several days ago we found a clinical trial that Sarah may qualify for and Jimmy felt inspired to contact his friend to see if by chance he had any connections at this hospital.  Miraculously his friend emailed back and his best friend happens to be the president of the hospital and can help Sarahs treatment get fast tracked.  Jimmy followed his inspriation as un-likely as it seemed, and she may now get the help she desperatly needs.

Today was a great day for Sarah.  After several bad days with blow after blow, Sarah had a good day.  She went in for her first treatment of Radiation this morning, and it went without a hitch.  While she was in her radiation treatment, I went up to her doctors office to pick up some lab work, and ask her nurse a quick question.  Her doctor came out to personally answer her questions and asked that Sarah come up after her treament for a quick visit.  When we sat down with him for our impromptu meeting, he was everything you could ask for in an Oncologist.  He was compassionate, interested, and discussed ideas about treatment he had already researched at MD Anderson Cancer center in Houston Texas.  We had been reasearching a clinical trial for an unknown primary at MD, and wanted to ask some questions about if Sarah was a viable candidate,  The doctor informed us that he believes Sarahs Cancer originated in her Ovaries, and had already called their gynecological oncology unit and had already sent her lads there for review.  Knowing the primary of Sarahs Cancer will help target her treatment and determine a specifi treament.  this was very exciting news. Although we Know that Ovarian cancer is a very scary and deadly cancer, at least now she may know what she is up against. 
Sarah and I spent the night laying in her bed talking an gossiping.  these are the moments that I will never forget.  After a long very happy day Sarah had a real reality check.  After taking too many pain killers and not enough food, her nausea got the best of her, and she ended up on the bathroom floor praying to the porcelain gods......

Thank you so much for everything and all the prayers.  we will keep you posted on Sarah's treatment, and let you know what is happening with MD Anderson in Houston, TX.....